Planting and Bed Renovations 

From planting annual color programs and containers to bringing all new plant material into your landscape, we are here for you. Our horticulturists have a diverse knowledge of plant material and cultivars, especially native plants of the intermountain region. From selecting and placement of your new tree to renovation of a landscape covered in junipers and spireas with a fresh, lush, look that you will be excited to rush home to - Harmony Landscape & Design has the right solution for your yard style. 



Water Features: Dry and Running

Water features are a great way to add motion and soft sounds into your landscape as well as a great focal point in your landscape. They can also have a cooling effect on the area and they are attractive to birds, beneficial insects and other wild life. 

There are many types and styles of fountains that can add to your landscape or outdoor patio areas. From bubbling rocks to full fountains, there are many options to match to your style and desires. Pondless waterfalls are enjoyable and low maintenance. We pride ourselves in developing natural looking rivers and falls. 

If you want the feel of water but not have the actual water running in the landscape, we develop dry riverbeds with same care and attention to details to ensure it looks like it would still be a real river bed for your landscape. 



Landscape Design

We are here to help you with your landscape design needs for residential homes and small commercial projects. We will do everything from full CAD designs with all plant material specified to helping you plan out a vegetable garden plan. Photo rendered images, like the one to the left, can also be done to help you visualize the project. William is also known for using his bright pink paint and painting a concept out for you to discuss. 

A trip with us to a local nursery is essential to determine the plant material that you appreciate and form the material that you will enjoy. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of plants from around the world and plants from the intermountain west that will grow in your landscape. We also know the growing environments that are throughout the Treasure Valley and want to ensure that you have the best choices in your landscape. 


Outdoor spaces give you destinations in your landscape for you, family and friends to enjoy the outdoor environment. Paver patios and walkways add value to the landscape, whether for gathering or meandering the landscape. Fire pits give you a great place to gather to enjoy the evening. Or maybe you are more interested in vegetable garden spaces - with or without raised beds - or a beautiful private spot for you to enjoy some quiet time. There are many things that you can do, let us help you develop that space to extend your home outdoors.



Boulders add a visual and structural effect to the landscape, when properly planted, that fit and blend into landscape. While we typically promote and use lichen covered sandstone, there are many types of boulders that can be used in the landscape. We work with a number of suppliers to select the boulder that is right for your yard. and ensure you have plenty of options when planning your projects.


An irrigation system is critical in the arid west for plant health and care of the landscape. A properly designed system is essential for water efficiency. Even replacing your current irrigation controller with a Smart Controller can improve your water usage. From retrofitting your irrigation with more efficient materials to full irrigation system installation, we are here for you. 


Consultations and Plant Diagnostics

We are proud to provide on site consultation services for your landscape to help you find the solution that works best for you. This can be a great opportunity for individuals that want to do the work themselves, but unsure where to start or if you are unsure what plant material you have in your yard. 


Consultations can include: 

  • Landscape solutions with plants and hardscape materials

  • Plant selection for updates

  • Nursery trip for selecting appropriate plant material for site

  • Consultant can purchase material and layout onsite (additional charge for delivery and time)

  • Irrigation system evaluations

  • Site diagnostics

As a Certified Plant Diagnostician, William will review and evaluate your plant concern and the overall area to determine what is the problem that is occurring. We are not applicators and do not have a product to sell or promote. Instead, William will search through it all and determine the issues that are present and help you make appropriate landscape corrections to provide you with a quality landscape. 

For an additional fee that will be determined per site, William will develop a full Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM) for the best management of your landscape. An IPM plan can help you know the best time to take care of plant maintenance, potential fertilization, suggested water schedule and identification of all site plant material. 

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Proud Member